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Papaya Salsa! Our Papaya Salsa is several levels up from your typical “Acharang Papaya”. You can now further enjoy your usual “Silog” or “Inihaw na isda, pusit, or baboy” with our Papaya Salsa. Say goodbye to the boring “Acharang Papaya” and say “hi” to our crunchy Papaya Salsa! Try our spicy variant too if want that extra kick!


Papaya Salsa Spicy 250g

SKU: pss250
  • Ingredients: Fresh green mango, Sugar, Water, Chili pepper, Carrot, Green bell pepper, Red bell pepper, Iodized salt, Onion, Raisin, Garlic, Ginger, Sodium metabisulfite (as antioxidant), Black peppercorn and FD&C Yellow #5 (Tartrazine – as food color)

    Flavor: Spicy

    Net weight: 250 grams

    Shelf Life: twelve (12) months from production date

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