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Mango Salsa or “Acharang Mangga” is a level up from your typical “Acharang Papaya”. Add Mango Salsa to your typical fried or grilled food and bring the flavor and texture to a whole new experience!

The aroma and the crunchiness of the Mango Salsa alone will keep you craving for more. So, go ahead and indulge! Try our spicy variant for that extra kick!


Mango Salsa Spicy 250g

SKU: mss250
  • Ingredients: fresh green mango, sugar, water, salt, black peppercorn, FD&C yellow (as food color), sodium metabisulfite (as anti-oxidant) and fresh chillies

    Flavor: Spicy

    Net weight: 250 grams

    Shelf Life: eighteen (18) months from production date

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